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Why Is Friday the 13th Unlucky?

You can find more information in our data protection declaration. Through myths, books and films, Friday the 13th has become an unusual day — even for those who aren't superstitious.

Kids of the s grew up haunted by Jason, the character wearing a hockey mask in the "Friday the 13th" films. There are currently 12 slasher movies in the horror franchise, and a 13th one has been in production for years. Its release date has been pushed back from one Friday the 13th to the other — until it was finally indefinitely postponed.

A cursed project? In the 19th century, the idea started spreading that the disciple who betrayed Jesus, Judas, showed up late and was the 13th person to sit at the table during the Last Supper.

Catholics also believe that Jesus died on a Friday. This classic painting depicting the famous final meal was painted by Leonardo da Vinci.

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An often quoted Viking myth establishing 13 as an unlucky number involves the mischievous god Loki depiction above by Jakob Sigurdsson from He crashed a reunion of 12 gods in Valhalla and was responsible for the death of Balder the Beautiful, the god of joy and sadness. The "Prose Edda," relating this story, was written in the early 13th century.

Other experts on the question claim this is a modern-day invention. By the 17th century, many popular writers advised against undertaking any new project on a Friday. Hangings would also take place on Fridays in the UK.

An early reference in English of the superstition surrounding this date is found in Henry Sutherland Edwards' biography of the Italian opera composer Gioachino Rossini: "And if it be true that, like so many Italians, he regarded Fridays as an unlucky day and 13 as an unlucky number, it is remarkable that on Friday 13th of November he passed away.

About a decade later, in the s, the Thirteen Club was created to regularly demonstrate that no one would die when 13 people sat together at a table. Contributing to popularizing the superstition, a novel by US businessman and author Thomas W. Lawson, "Friday the Thirteenth"depicts a stockbroker who takes advantage of that day to bring down Wall Street. Curiously, his namesake ship, the "Thomas W. The number 12 occurs in many structures, such as the 12 months of the year and the 12 hours of the day — whereas 13 appears rarely.

It was also the title of an Austrian comedy in pictured.By Julia Grossman December 15, Mark J. Porter, executive director and chief of Public Safety, will step down from his position at the end of June after 15 years of working with the University.

why is friday the unlucky daily herald media

He will continue to lead the Department of Public Safety until then, according to a Dec. By Livia Gimenes December 4, The University will lease hotel rooms in the Hilton, Marriott and Omni properties in downtown Providence for all students on the spring housing waitlist who express interest in the option, according to a Dec.

By Caelyn Pender December 4, The University filed a Nov. By Claire Liu December 4, By Katie Chen December 4, Designed by. University to lease off-campus hotel rooms for students on spring housing waitlist. Brown encourages federal court to block executive order on race and sex stereotyping By Caelyn Pender December 4, The University filed a Nov. Ashish Jha: Thanksgiving, Travel and Testimony November 20, 1 comment Brown EMS adapts services during COVID to respond to new needs of community November 20, 0 comments Brown EMS incorporates online mentorship to foster new group of recruits November 18, 0 comments Biological manifestations of childhood adversity explored in virtual seminar November 16, 0 comments Brown researchers pinpoint protein important to enlarged, chemoresistant cancer cells November 16, 0 comments.

Ashish Jha, Dean of the School of Daily Newsletter Headlines.

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Latest Issue. All Rights Reserved.My dad served this country for 45 years, 30 years in the Navy, and 15 as a postal clerk. I was drafted into the Army for two years in and spent 15 years as a structural engineer for the Department of Defense. I have seen men killed and millions of taxpayer dollars wasted because of blatant incompetence.

And for those reasons, I voted for Trump, a non-politician. Now Trump wants to remove troops from Afghanistan and Iraq. Good for him. That fiasco led directly to the retaliation of Sept. It is curious that Obama, Biden and the Democrats are now proponents of continued military involvement. It seems a reversal of ideology happened. And, I can only imagine where those pay-offs come from.

Dan Palmer Lynnwood Talk to us. A sketchy look at the news of the day. Critical of Trump over Russian influence, the California represenative shares a complicated relationship. The world needs an accurate — and shared — system for assessing climate threats and the data behind them. A gentleman from Lake Stevens asserted in a recent letter to the…. My family owns a small business in Everett and our property tax….

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Why was approval of covid vaccine delayed? Most Read.Service cuts are an option if no federal aid emerges for Metra, Union Pacific employees verifying tickets behind plexiglass creates "a mess," but a massively complicated emergency braking system is good to go. So says Metra Executive Director Jim Derwinski, who's steering the railroad through arguably one of its worst years. But it's not as simple as yanking a few trains here and there. And Metra is operating on a reduced schedule already with trains per weekday compared to in Is it possible to delay those purchases and borrow from the capital fund to cover the operating deficit?

The Regional Transportation Authority, which has oversight of Metra, Pace and the CTA, does not allow dipping into capital but things could change if the budget crisis worsens, Derwinski said. Layoffs are also a possibility, Derwinski said, but noted Metra is "not filling all jobs right now" as people leave through attrition and retirements.

Last week, Metra sued its partner Union Pacific Railroad, hoping the Cook County circuit court will order the freight carrier's conductors to resume walking the trains and collecting fares. It's not safe during the pandemic for conductors to mingle with passengers, contends UP, which has set up a fare check system at Ogilvie Transportation Center where staff scrutinize tickets behind plexiglass.

That fix is "a mess," Derwinski said. Riders can show their phones as they walk by but nobody's having them touch it to prove payment.

As far as paper tickets go, they're not punching any paper tickets. Meanwhile, federal law requires U. It's been a struggle for commuter railroads but PTC is operating on all Metra lines, with some final work continuing on Milwaukee District trains. How do you think Metra can cut costs or raise revenues?

Drop a line to mpyke dailyherald. Digital Access. Access nwherald. Local news, prep sports, Chicago sports, local and regional entertainment, business, home and lifestyle, food, classified and more!

News you use every day! Daily, weekend and Sunday packages. Stay connected to us wherever you are! Get breaking news updates along with other area information sent to you as a text message to your wireless device. Sign Up. Plan your weekend and catch up on the news with our newsletters.Last Updated on 13th December by Sophie Nadeau. Friday 13th is widely regarded to be unlucky throughout the English speaking world. Some people do anything to avoid flying on a Friday and are less likely to spend money on non-essential products.

But why is Friday 13th unlucky, anyway? Since biblical times, the number 13 has been regarded as superstitious. In many religions, 12 is the number of completeness. On Mount Olympus, in Greek Mythology there are 12 major gods. Today, there are 12 months in the calendar year, and so on. In Norse Legend, Loki was the 13th mythological demigod and bringer of evil and misfortune. Furthermore, in many cultures, 13 is associated with femininity and the lunar cycle female menstruation.

As there are 13 lunar cycles in a year, many goddesses have been associated with the number 13 throughout history. In an ultimate act of sexism, 13 has gone on to become associated with misfortune by misogynistic men.

How Metra may fill its budget hole if there's no federal rescue

On another note, you also need 13 witches to form a coven…. Personification of death holding a scythe, courtesy of Wikipedia. Well, throughout history, Friday has been associated as the unluckiest day of the week as well. Yet again, Friday finds its associations with bad luck in the bible. After all, in the bible, Jesus was crucified on a Friday. The last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. Well, when you add Friday and the number 13 together, you just get overall bad luck and a general superstition towards the day.

However, one particularly prevalent myth as to the origins of the superstition is that the exact origins of Friday 13th began in France during the 14th-century. Founded in the 12th-century, the Knights Templar was a Catholic military order who were active until a papal bull in Closely tied to the crusades, the order was powerful and have been linked to everything from the truth about the Holy Grail to searching for the Ark of the Covenant.

Their association with conspiracy theories is only aided by the fact that the order were so wealthy and during just a few centuries, had managed to build a system of estates, castles, and land ownership throughout Europe. On Friday 13th Octoberhundreds of members of the Knights Templar were captured, forced to admit to false confessions and burned at the stake on order of Philip IV of France, who was in debt to the order.

In time, this murderous event became more closely associated with Friday 13th, thus furthering the superstition of Friday 13th. While Friday 13th may be seen as English speaking countries across the World, the same cannot be said for Spain. However, in Spanish and Greek culture, Tuesday the 13th is best avoided if you can help it.

In Greek History, the fall of Constantinople modern-day Istanbul occurred on Tuesday 13th,and then again to the Ottomans, on another Tuesday 13th. Image courtesy Wikipedia. All good now? Well, no! Popular legend says that the tradition of fearing the 17th traces its roots all the way back to the Roman empire. When writing out 17 in roman numerals, you get XVII.

Like, living is no longer an option and death is in the air. Yeah, super spooky. In Italy, Friday the 17th is still widely regarded to be particularly unlucky.NEW YORK AP — The raging coronavirus pandemic kept crowds thin at malls and stores across the country on Black Friday, but a surge in online shopping offered a beacon of hope for struggling retailers after months of slumping sales and businesses toppling into bankruptcy.

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In normal times, Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year, drawing millions of people eager to get started on their holiday spending. But these are not normal times: A spike in coronavirus cases is threatening the economy's fitful recovery from the sudden plunge in the spring.

Crowds at stores were dramatically diminished as shoppers shifted online.

why is friday the unlucky daily herald media

Game consoles, cookware, robotic vacuum cleaners, slippers and pajamas were popular among shoppers preparing to spend a lot of time indoors this winter.

Many were still eager to get into the holiday spirit and delight their loved ones after a tough year. Eric Kelly, a boxing gym owner, camped outside a store on Black Friday for the first time in his life, trying to score a PlayStation 5 for his year-old twin sons as a reward for persevering through remote learning during the pandemic. Many retailers beefed up their safety protocols to reassure wary customers about coming in on Black Friday.

But stores also catered to those shopping digitally by moving their doorbuster deals online and ramping up curbside pickup options. Several hundred shoppers lined up ahead of opening at Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, which normally attracts several thousand on Black Friday. Workers sanitized door knobs and windows. A Christmas tree towered over the largely empty streets around The Domain, the most popular outdoor mall in Austin, Texas.

The U. The National Retail Federation, the nation's largest retail trade group, predicted that shoppers will be looking for reasons to celebrate. The trade group expects sales for the November and December period to increase between 3.

Holiday sales have averaged gains of 3. Big box stores like Walmart and Target, which were allowed to stay open during the spring lockdowns, have enjoyed further gains from ramping up their online services, analysts say. But stores deemed non-essential that were forced to close have struggled to recover. More than 40 chains, including J. Penney and J. Crew, filed for bankruptcy. There are also fewer deals to be had this year.

Non-essential retailers were forced to halt production at the onset of the pandemic, leading to lower inventory. As a result, holiday promotions are tracking below last year's levels for clothing, consumer electronics, power and hand tools and home goods, according to Numerator, a market research firm. And Black Friday was the last thing on the minds of some hurt the most by the pandemic. At a popular shopping area in St.

Petersburg, Florida, several storefronts were empty, and the only line was at a plasma donation center. When reminded that it was Black Friday, he let out a laugh and pointed to the line around him. Until the country reaches herd immunity, public health officials are urging the Americans to not let their guard down yet.

This is the incredible moment a non verbal nine-year-old said his first words - when he read out 'ho ho ho' spelled out by a Christmas light display.

Tommy Hunt, nine, has autism and while he can communicate with his iPad and make. Blue Bird Corporation "Blue Bird" Nasdaq: BLBDthe leading independent designer and manufacturer of school buses, announced today its fiscal fourth quarter and full year results.

Waters and Bruce E. Kiddoo were appointed to its Board of Directors, effective as of December 17, Emmanuel T.Depending on your point of view, a recent spate of stories on Cook County government either demonstrates that President Todd Stroger is not an efficient steward of the public's tax dollars, or they prove the media are out to get him.

The first perception comes from a good-government group. The second from, well, Todd Stroger. The chasm in perception between the two sides began Feb. They include:. The increase gave Chicago the highest big-city sales tax in the country, at Rezko is accused of using his influence with government officials on various levels of government to extort bribes and kickbacks.

Dunnings and Stroger point out that Dunning had voluntarily never boosted her pay a year ago when she was promoted to that position from budget director.

County spokesman Gene Mullins says Dunnings simply took the pay increase she had forgone for a year. Brown said the employee is a bodyguard, although he is listed as a "systems analyst" in the budget. Via e-mail, a Brown employee said the office employs three people within its Investigations Department that alternate in providing security for Brown. Their other duties include performing investigations into employee complaints, and providing on-site security in the Executive Office and other departments.

Brown said she needs a bodyguard because she has received death threats. Brown, it is important to note, is not a Stroger employee.

This Is Why You Don't Succeed - Simon Sinek on The Millennial Generation

She is a separately elected official, but her budget is approved by the Cook County Board. Stroger Hospital. Although county spokesman Mullins was called Thursday about the contract, he still could not say Friday afternoon whether the proposal was the lowest the county received for the job.

Whatever attention these events are attracting from the media, they also apparently are striking chords with the public. We have gotten so many calls from people who are beside themselves saying, 'How can these people get away with this?

Todd Stroger said Friday he's been inundated too -- with people stopping him at the health club and in the grocery store to ask him why the media has such an ax to grind against him. That's never become the story. Stroger says she's doing a good job, and even Stroger critic Commissioner Mike Quigley publicly acknowledged her work ethic this week.

On Brown and Washington, the president was similarly combative, refusing to criticize either of them.

Washington was supporting a friend on his own time, and Brown is a single woman who needs protection, he said. Jay Stewart, executive director of the Better Government Association, was unmoved. He recalled that Stroger ran on a platform of reforming government and reducing the payroll to 22, people. This year's budget will add 1, after cutting about the year before. It remains well above 23, Stroger and Mullins point to several achievements. The county's hospitals and clinics will be turned over to an independent governance board in the hopes of improving bill collections and service.

The board meets today to select a search firm to look for a new inspector general. And, said Mullins, the county is starting a cable television program to highlight county achievements. Stewart is skeptical of the hospital governance move, pointing out it is a temporary measure due to expire in three years.

why is friday the unlucky daily herald media

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